A great way to bring shade to your yard is to add trees!  We carry a large variety of trees, evergreen and deciduous, flowering and non-flowering.  We provide installation for trees that are too large for clients to install themselves.  Installation prices depend on the size of the container.  We can also do delivery only.

Bottlebrush - Full Sun, Evergreen Large Shrub or Tree, Grows 15', Red Blooms on and off throughout the year, Pollinator attractor and Bird Attractor.

Crape Myrtle - Full Sun, Deciduous, Grows up to 20' or can be kept trimmed around 12', Multi Trunk and Single Trunk Options, Showy Summer Bloomer.

Just some of the popular color options for Crape Myrtles.

Holly - Full Sun, Evergreen, Grows 15', Produces Red Berries, Wildlife Attractor.

Orchid - Full Sun, Deciduous, Grows 15'+, Showy Large Blooms in Spring.

Florida Red Maple - Full Sun, Decidious, Grows 40'+, Attractive Red Growth throughout the year.

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Royal Poinciana - Full Sun, Deciduous, Fast Growing up to 30', Bloom in Late Spring through Mid Summer.

Tababuia (Trumpet Tree) - Full Sun, Deciduous, Grows 20'+, Blooms Early Spring before leaves emerge, Produces Large Bean-Like Seed Pods.

Leyland Cypress - Full Sun, Evergreen, Grows 15'+.

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