Compost, Manure & Potting Soil

Potting Soil:

Our potting soil is pH balanced and well draining.  It can be used just about everywhere in gardening and landscape.  It consists of 33% Peat, 33%Pine Bark and 33% Top Soil.  It can be used to amend existing sandy soils and is great in container gardening.  A mixture of our soil and compost or manure is perfect for veggie and herb gardens.


Currently we offer our soil in 1.5 cu.ft. bags for $4.99


If you need larger amounts of soil, we recommend our 25 gallon buckets of soil which hold over 3 bags.  We charge a refundable deposit on the 25 gallon bucket.  Refund on deposit is given once the bucket is brought back into nursery.


25 gallon bucket - $15 for soil & $10 refundable deposit

Mushroom Compost:

A great product to add to your veggie or herb garden!

40lbs. - $6.99


Black Kow Manure:

Another great product that can be added to your soil in the garden!

25lbs. - $3.99

  5lbs. - $1.99

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