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There are many uses for shrubs in the landscape such as privacy hedges, foundation plantings and specimen plants.  We offer a large selection of sun and shade tolerant shrubs.

Sweet Almond Bush - Full Sun, Fast Growing up to 15' but can be kept trimmed at 6', Fragrant Blooms, Deer Resistant, Butterfly & Pollinator Attractor.

Drift Rose - Full Sun, Evergreen, Grows 2'x2', Showy Blooms throughout the year.

Beauty Berry - A native shrub, Full Sun/Part Shade, Grows 4'+, Showy berries with vibrant color in Late Summer, great to attract birds and wildlife.

Buddlia - Larger growing Full Sun Shrub, Butterfly Attractor, Grows 4'+, Lightly Fragrant Blooms come in Purples, Yellows, Pinks and White.

Copper Leaf - Full Sun, Grows 4'+, Showy, colorful Foliage, many color varieties available.

Croton - Full Sun, Grows 3', Showy, colorful Foliage, many varieties available for Sun and Shade.

Hibiscus - Tropical Full Sun Shrub, Grows 5'+, Large showy leaves with Large Showy Blooms, multitude of colors and varieties, doubles, singles, multi-color, variegated and more!

Foxtail Fern - Full Sun Evergreen, Grows 3'x3', Great accent color plant with lime-green soft foliage.

Gardenia - Full Sun, Evergreen, Grows 3'-4', Acidic-Loving Plant, Bush forms bloom 1x a year in Spring/Summer, Grafted varieties bloom 2-3x a year.

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Heliconia - Full Sun/Part Shade, Tropical, Great in Containers as the "Thriller", Showy Bloom similar to Bird of Paradise.

Red Fountain Grass - Full Sun, Grows up to 3' tall, used in Containers as the "Thriller", cut to ground after Winter.

Knock Out Rose - Evergreen, Full Sun, Grows 2'-3', Blooms off new growth.




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