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September is an awkward month in central Florida. It’s still as hot and steamy as August but with a whisper of fall during its balmy nights.  Gardeners are chomping at the bit to begin their fall gardens, but are also weary of the consequences if cool-season plants are installed too early.   For those gardeners who are determined to get out and spruce up the yard, we present to you our September Showcase Plant of the Month, Thryallis.


Thryallis is a woody ornamental plant that is best kept trimmed at 4-5 feet tall and wide. It has bright yellow flowers that bloom continually spring through fall.  It is drought tolerant and virtually pest free, making it a great plant for those who want tons of color and minimal maintenance. It can be used as a specimen or as a hedge, and also makes a great anchor plant in a perennial garden. Thryallis grows best in full sun, and should be fertilized 3-4 times a year using Sunniland’s Best All Purpose slow release granular fertilizer. This month I suggest revamping an old bed or starting a new one, where you can plant Thryallis along with other fall bloomers such as Firebush, Beautyberry, Camellias, Cassia, Firecracker Plant, Ixora, and Mexican Sage!

We love when our customers leave the nursery feeling more confident in their understanding about gardening in central Florida, and as always we are more than happy to give you tips and advice about the next project you are starting!

See you at the Nursery!
Reese Bernier
Nursery Manager



Height - 4'-5' tall & wide

Light Requirements:
Best in Full Sun

Bloom: Bright Yellow Spring - Fall

Hardiness: Hardy, may take damage in heavy freeze.

Water: Drought Tolerant



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