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Summer is bearing down on us, bringing boatloads of sunshine and humidity! Many gardeners have completed their springtime shopping sprees, but may still be looking for the perfect plant to tolerate the drought that is currently blanketing our state. Look no further; Duncheon’s carries several plants that have low water requirements. This month’s drought tolerant Showcase Plant is the Oleander.

The Oleander, or Nerium oleander, is a fantastic shrub that stands up to the Florida sun, and won’t bat an eye during drought conditions (once established).  The Oleander will most likely grow to 15’ x 15’, and provide evergreen foliage. It naturally grows in a round or vase shape, and provides showy flowers of pink, white, red, yellow, or orange throughout most of the year. 
Oleanders are commonly used in multiples to create natural barriers, and are also seen by the ocean, as they have a high tolerance for salt. 
They can be trained as a shrub, or a tree.  Oleanders will grow in a variety of soils, including well-drained sandy soil. Oleanders are very low maintenance. They are fast growers, and can be found in our nursery for as little as $8.99.
Oleanders are susceptible to the Oleander caterpillar, which can easily be treated with Bacillus thuringiensis, commonly referred to as ‘B.T.’. Duncheon’s carries B.T. in the form of Hi Yield Thuricide Concentrate.  Fertilizing is recommended with a slow release granular every 3 months.  Our recommended fertilizer is Fertilome Tree and Shrub Food.

Thanks for checking out our Showcase Plant article this month, if you have any questions, call or stop by the nursery and our knowledgeable staff would be happy to help! See you at the nursery,
Reese Bernier
Nursery Manager



Height - 10'-15' tall & wide

Light Requirements:
Full Sun

Bloom: showy pink, white, red, yellow, or orange

Hardiness: Evergreen

The Oleander Caterpillar

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