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Tibouchina (Princess Flower)

August is the summer month that really tests our limits as gardeners. The heat and the rains can do a number on plants, stressing them to the point of no return.  One week the garden will look great; the next week there are areas that desperately need sprucing up. It is tempting to say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow evening when it isn’t so hot out’! Wouldn’t it be nice if the plants could just grow themselves this time of year? The key is to find plants that enjoy our summers so we can enjoy our gardens and not second guess the beauty that the Florida outdoors brings. This month I chose Tibouchina, the Princess Flower, as Duncheon’s Showcase Plant of the Month because of its resilience and dependability during the hottest months in central Florida.


 The Tibouchina is a medium size shrub seen all over the state and regarded for its profuse flowering during much of the year. It can grow to 8 feet tall or more if left un maintained.  We encourage our clients to trim the shrub at 4-5’ tall and wide, allowing the plant to fill in the lower branches and stay nice and full. It is a fast grower, so heavy trimming early in the year will not hurt it at all. Its silvery foliage brings diversity and texture to any landscape and its vibrant purple flowers create a stunning display during summer while many other plants are struggling with nature.

Tibouchina need well drained soil to thrive during our rainy months and will tolerate drought conditions once established.  They appreciate Sunniland’s Bloom Special fertilizer 3-4 times a year, which encourages abundant colorful blooms and healthy green growth.  It is cold sensitive, so we recommend covering it during the freezes. Tibouchina prefers full sun, and is resistant to pests and diseases. It is relatively low maintenance, and I would recommend it for beginning gardeners or for those who just prefer a low maintenance landscape.

Tibouchina make a great statement in small groupings or solo a specimen.  It is truly one of the gems of the Florida landscape, creating the ‘tropical look’ without much effort.  If you have any questions about our Showcase Plant this month or any other questions about gardening and landscaping, I encourage you to stop by the nursery and speak with one of our garden center specialists! Florida’s summer months can be rough on your yard but we are here to help you.

See you at the nursery!

Reese Bernier

Nursery Manager


Height: 8', but can be trimmed at 4-5' tall and wide

Light Requirements:
Full Sun

Hardiness: Cold Sensitive

Water: Well Drained, drought tolerant

Bloom: Profuse flowering, purple blooms most of the year!





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