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SWEET ALMOND BUSH - Aloysia virgata

Happy spring! It is an exciting time of year for all of us. Duncheon’s is bustling with twitter-pated gardeners just itching to satisfy their gardening needs. One of our goals is to offer a large variety of plants that will fit each individual client’s needs, regardless of how big or small one’s garden is.  This April I would like to present our Showcase Plant of the Month with a newer plant that we’ve recently introduced into our nursery.  The Aloysia virgata, better known as the Sweet Almond Bush, offers several qualities we know our patrons will be anxious to experience for themselves!


 Many customers come in to Duncheon’s searching for plants that are ‘deer resistant’. Since Land O’Lakes is a developing community, many local subdivisions experiences herds of deer grazing in their neighborhoods on a regular basis. It is always a challenge for our staff to recommend plants that the deer won’t eat because when a deer is hungry, it’s become apparent that they will eat almost anything.  The Sweet Almond Bush is considered ‘deer resistant’, and thus far we have received good reviews from our local customers that deer are keeping their distance from this attractive shrub.  Sweet Almond Bush is also fragrant to us humans, carrying a sweet smell that is reported to smell like, yes, almonds.  The fragrance certainly carries itself and hangs in the air, and its potency reminds me of other plants like the Jasmine or Gardenia. Intoxicating indeed!
The Sweet Almond Bush will reach about 6’-8’ in height and width, and grows best as a specimen due to its wispy/spreading growth pattern. It is not recommended as hedge material.  The white flowers bloom is a spire shape for several months out of the year. They can grow in full sun to part shade; the more sun the more blooms, and in less sun the foliage will fill out nicely with continuous but fewer blooms.  Did I mention they are butterfly attractors?  A cold winter will cause them to stop blooming and they may temporarily drop some leaves, but will flush out quickly at a moderate growth rate as the weather warms. They are cold hardy, and require moderate to low watering.
The Sweet Almond Bush is an easy, attractive plant for our area that should repel deer and add an informal, natural look to your garden while attracting butterflies and other pollinators. I would recommend at least one in any landscape, as it is a low-care hardy plant that offers unique features to the central Florida garden.  If you have any questions, feel free to stop in and speak with our knowledgeable staff about the Sweet Almond Bush, or any of your spring time gardening needs.

See you at the nursery!
Reese Bernier
Nursery Manager



Fragrant, Butterfly Attractor and Deer Resistant!

Height: 6-8' tall

Light Requirements:
Full Sun / Part Sun

Cold Weather Tolerant

Moderate to Low

White, spire shape




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