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From dish garden designing and do-it-yourself projects to identifying that creepy crawly or spotting on your plants, we offer a couple of great services we want you to take advantage of.

One of our favorite things to do in the nursery! We offer our expertise in designing the perfect dish garden for your unique situation and we can even plant it up for you in our potting shed! Price varies depending on size of pot and type of plant we charge for soil and labor for our planting service.

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Where all the dish garden magic happens, our potting shed!


Do-It-Yourself Projects

Want that beautiful landscape but don't want to pay someone to install it? Bring in your measurements and photos of the area and we can suggest a landscape design that you can plant yourself.

We also provide already drawn up beds for Butterfly Gardening free of charge. It gives you a list of everything you will need and how long the project should take start to finish.

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Diagnosing Plant Problems

Is your plant showing signs of stress and you are not sure what the problem could be or how to fix it? Take a clipping of the damaged or stressed area, put it in a ziploc baggy and bring it to us. We will try to identify the problem and show you the product you will need to fix it. It could be as easy as watering more/less or as easy as applying a fertilizer/chemical. Don't wait until it's too late, as soon as you have a concern contact us or come in so the problem can be resolved. Be prepared to answer a few questions about your plant. These questions may include: How long has the plant been in the ground? How often are you watering? Is the plant in sun or shade? Have you fertilized or sprayed chemicals on the plant lately? When you planted, did you put any soil on top of the rootball? These are just general questions to help us figure out the problem.


Diagnosing Lawn Problems

Keeping a beautiful green lawn in Florida is a challenge. We are here to help! Either by using our Monthly Lawn Guide or coming to us with pictures or snippets of your lawn, we can help diagnose and provide the right chemicals and fertilizers. If we can't help turn your lawn around we will provide you with someone who can.


Delivery and Installation

Does that tree or shrub you want look too big to handle? Don't worry, we offer local delivery and installation. Depending on the size pot, what part of the yard it is going in and where you live, will determine the price. Come in and see us today and we can give you a price. Just want it delivered? We can do that too!


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