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Over the years we have had a number of requests for gifts to be sent from folks out of town.  If you have a special garden enthusiast that lives in the Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Lutz or New Tampa area and you would like to get them a gift from our garden center, we can help you!  We have put together custom container gardens for all budgets, or if you want to have a Gift Certificate sent to them, we can do that too!  Take a look below at some gift ideas and click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase something to be sent.  More items will be added to this area soon!

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Table-Top Shade Planter:  Square Fern

This cute shade-loving, table-top arrangement, includes Neantha Bella Palm, Ripple Peperomia, Jade Plant, Ceramic Fern Planter and decorative Moss.  Can be placed inside the home or on a shady outside setting with little care required.

Delivered for $40.00

Table-Top Fairy Garden:  Faux Stump

Bring whimsy to any shade or indoor spot with this adorable Fairy Garden.  Contains five fairy foliage plants, fairy stake, butterfly stake, decorative moss, rock and stepping stones.  10" across and 4" deep.

Delivered for $50.00

Table-Top Fall Inspiration

Fall inspired table-top container.  With Sansevieria, Aloe and Jade included in this mix, it will make for a great indoor air-purifier!  Also included is Purple Queen and assorted succulents in a ceramic container with attached saucer.  Demensions approximately 12"x12".

Delivered for $50.00

Medium Stand-Alone Containers

Barrel Planter

Our Faux Barrel Planters are a perfect way to accent any arrangement of flowers and foliage.  We will select the showiest plants available at the time of order to provide a beautiful arrangement.  Dimensions of planter: 15" wide and 10" deep.

Delivered for $50.00


Stand-Alone Houseplant/Shade Planter

Great arrangement as a houseplant or placed in a shady area outside.  Aralia, Antherium and Golden Pothos are planted.  Container measures 12" tall and 11.5" wide and come in a variety of colors.

Delivered for $60.00

Table-Top Planters  |  Medium Stand-Alone Planters  |  Large Stand-Alone Planters  |
Gift Certificates

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