Perennials are a great way to add color to the landscape and will usually last around three years.  Perennials are often times a butterfly attractor, hummingbird attractor and pollinator attractor.  Perennials are great to make beautiful container gardens.  Most perennials are carried year round in our garden center, but it's always a good idea to call ahead an make sure we have what you want in stock.

Bush Daisy - Full Sun Perennial, Grows 3'x3', Butterfly Attractor, Used as the "Thriller" in Containers.

Angelonia - Full Sun. Considered the Summer Snapdragon, Angelonia are great in containers or the landscape, growing 2'x2', colors in Purples, Pinks, White.

Salvia - Full Sun.  A great addition to your butterfly garden!  Grows 2'x2' with showy purple blooms throughout.

Gallardia (Blanket Flower) - Full Sun, Groundcover, Native, Drought Tolerant!

Evoluvalis (Blue My Minds) - A better version of the Blue Daze, Full Sun, Low Mounding Habit, grows 12"-18" tall, Great as a border plant or containers.

Shrimp Plant - Full Sun/Part Shade, Grows 2'-3', other colors include red.

Firecracker - Full Sun/Part Shade, Unique soft texture that fountains down, excellent for your hummingbird garden!  Grows 3'x3'.

Perennial Peanut - Full Sun, Ground cover, popular used as a replacement to grass lawns.

Plectranthus (Monda Lavender) - Shade loving, Grows 2'x2', great in containers as the "Thriller" or in the ground.  Showy foliage and blooms.

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