Perennials bloom on new growth. Please provide lots of water and fertilizer throughout the growing season to encourage good growth and continuous blooms. One inch of rain per week is usually adequate.
Perennials like to be trimmed lightly by pinching off old flowers and branch tips, so that more flowering branching will be provided. Remove or pinch off 2"-8", depending on the type of plant. Occasionally you will have to prune your perennials hard, 1' or more usually cutting back into a woody stem. This might be done one or two times per year. Hard pruning is done for four basic reasons:

1. To add strength to the plant so it can stand up to strong wind.
2. To improve plant structure. Remove excess stems or shoots. Often, profuse growth becomes thin and weak. Flower size and production can be reduced.
3. To control size. Some plants like Firebush, Golden Dewdrop and Cassia tend to grow like small trees, but they can be pruned one or more times a year to make them fit your space. Firebush can be used as a tall hedge with one hard pruning a year or as a short compact shrub in the perennial border with three pruning's. Cassias can be pruned up to a time five weeks prior to their blooming season.
4. To remove dead stems after a freeze. You can remove all stems that have frozen. Herbaceous tropical perennials will re-sprout from the lower, living tissue as soon as warm weather allows growth. There is nothing you can do to stop this new sprouting and , with the dead parts removed, it is easier to cover and protect these new shoots if later frosts or freezes occur.

Tree & Shrubs:

Water shrub areas 30-45 one to two times per week, depending on water restrictions plus age of landscape. Generally speaking, established landscapes require less water. I like to water trees by hand for the first year. Two to three times per week even with an irrigation system.
You should prune shrubs by sheering lightly monthly through the growing season. Through the winter months, some shrubs may not need to be touched at all. Be careful, some Spring bloomers you should not trim often in September or you will cut off future blooms like azaleas, gardenias, camellias, and tababuia trees. Follow hard pruning reason discussed in perennials section.


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